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Industry Leading Equipment.
Without the Upfront Costs.

OVIS is a leading provider of molecular imaging equipment, integrating all of your dynamic medicine images into a system that allows simultaneous viewing in any modality along with reports.


We offer a wide range of camera options for your specific needs:

Philips Cardio MD
 Digital Gamma Camera

The Philips Cardio MD is a digital gamma camera with fixed 90º Dual rectangular detectors. Cardiac SPECT acquisition is performed with a dedicated laptop acquisition interface. The patient imaging table supports both supine and prone positions, enhancing imaging quality. 


  • Dual-head Cardiac solution with fixed 90° angulation

  • Open gantry design

  • 3/8″ crystal

  • Automatic body contouring


Digirad Cardius 2 XPO
 Digital Gamma Camera

The Digirad Cardius 2 XPO nuclear cardiology imaging system distinguishes itself from all other dual head cameras with a compact, patient-friendly open design featuring exclusive solid-state detectors and advanced cardiac software.

Digirad Cardius 3 XPO
 Digital Gamma Camera

The Digirad Cardius® 3 XPO gamma imaging system is the only dedicated camera for nuclear cardiology SPECT applications to feature three detectors.


The Digirad Cardius 3 XPO provides up to a 38% imaging acquisition efficiency advantage over other industry-leading cameras while maintaining comparable image quality.


Siemens C.Cam
Digital Gamma Camera

Siemens cardiac gamma camera allows you to perform high-quality scans in a small space without costly renovation fees. Its comfortable, reclining chair supports patients up to 450 pounds, and the bi-pivotal camera moves up and around the patient – helping to minimize rescans while maximizing your return on investment.


GE Ventri
 Digital Gamma Camera

The GE Ventri is a compact, ergonomically designed, cardiac-dedicated nuclear system. The GoldSeal Ventri includes a wide range of user-friendly features that add up to a fast, efficient, and comfortable workflow.


You can also network the refurbished Ventri to an Xeleris* Process and Review Station, which features a comprehensive set of cardiac applications.

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