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Processing Payment

We've Taken the Stress
Out of Stress Testing

How it Works

Administer up to 12 Nuclear Stress Tests per day. 

We manage every aspect of the exams, aside from patient scheduling and billing. If needed, we will also facilitate interpretation reports by a Board Certified Nuclear Cardiologist. Final reports are typically delivered within 24-48 hours of testing.

  • Schedule an initial 15 minute consultation with our Contact Form or by calling
    +1 724 774 1400

  • Customize a package that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Select days for your exams and begin scheduling patients.

Typical Service Scenario

One day prior to service day:

Your office will send OVIS the scheduled appointments for the service day.

Patient information will include: 

  • Name

  • Weight

  • Type of test ordered


This ensures we order the appropriate isotopes from the pharmacy.

IMG_1324 copy.HEIC

On service day:

  1. An OVIS mobile unit will arrive at your office at the designated time with the required personnel, equipment, and supplies. No site preparation is needed, just an internet connection and standard 110 volt power access.

  2. We set up and administer all imaging exams throughout the day.

  3. We deliver all images based on your preferred method, most commonly PACS.

  4. We pack up all equipment and supplies, leaving your facility as we found it. But more profitable.

After service day:

Your practice bills all patient insurance providers and collects payment. We'll invoice you for the service day, keeping you from wasting time managing personnel, isotopes, accreditations, and equipment costs.

Our turn-key process allows you to spend your time building your practice, all while maintaining a new, virtually hands-free stream of revenue. 

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